• Srujan kachhwaha

Internet Of Things, Give Your Gadgets The Wisdom Of Internet

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Stepping on the future means stepping on the latest ongoing technologies, and one of the stepping stones is the Internet Of Things.

Intelligence, Wisdom once were the words used for human beings, but no wonder nowadays these words are being used for Things, The tech-gadgets!

For these machines and tech-gadgets, wisdom and intelligence is information. So, to make any of your gadgets intelligent you need to provide it with a source of information and the capability to process that information.

Based on the above theory, the Internet of things came to the world. We had builds micro-controllers and embedded systems that are used to do a specific task, the only thing needed is to establish a communication between these embedded systems so they can exchange information as we do on the internet.

Once an embedded system got the capability of communication over the internet, It is called an IoT Device.

Now to put all of the things together, Take any embedded system, give them the ability to communicate over the internet and your IoT device is ready.

When the concepts got real, theories established as facts, the only thing left is the innovation of the human mind and how creative it can be to make those concepts, build a better future.

Imagine you have a refrigerator that can look after the stocks for you! If it is running short, The refrigerator just orders them directly from Amazon, How easy life would be then!

Build a smart garden that looks after the weather condition, soil moisture, and nutrients in plants, Water them automatically and take care of them. All these are now possible just by giving your micro-controllers access to the internet.

Micro-controllers give you the ability to control your hardware, Microprocessors give you the power of computation and the internet provides you with loads of information, Grind, them with your innovative thinking and give this world a new piece of future gadget.

It's your turn now to explore more sides of the internet of things, Doing innovation with tech and the internet is what the Internet Of things stands for.

For now, let's wind up this post here, We will be talking about such technologies in our next post. See you people there!

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