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Python, The Need Of Hour

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Technology is enhancing at a very fast pace, everyday developers, futurists, and entrepreneurs are launching their new idea of a better future and every idea is building over the strong foundation of technology and IT support.

People are moving to comfort, They seek comfort in living, eating, work, and not what.

And why not! The only aim of a better future is the ease of doing work, and following this mantra python comes to make our work easy. let's dive into the technical details of python.

Dive Into Python

Unlike any other programming language, Python is an interpreted language, this means that it uses an interpreter instead of a compiler to compile a code.

Let me give you an example of a python program that swaps the values of two variables, you will understand why python is an easy-to-go.

>>> a = 5
>>> b = 6
>>> a,b = b,a
>>> a

The above block is called an interpreter. It takes one line of code at a time and compiles it to machine-understandable format. Easy to go enough right.

What's is easier than to understand the code line-by-line. This tells us how things are working.

So, You got an idea of what a python interpreter looks like. Now let's have a look at how a Python script looks like.

a = 5
b = 6


Open any text editor and write the above lines of code, save the file a name you like followed by a .py extension. I am saving this file as demo.py.

That's it, your python script is ready! No includes no curly braces and no variable declarations. Like I said, easy to go with the flow.

Now, Why we don't need variable declaration? Because Python handles them dynamically, Let me show you with this example

>>> a = 5
>>> type(a)
<class 'int'>
>>> a = "hello"
<class 'str'>

See! the variable changes according to the type of value you give it to be. you don't need to declare the type of variables like in other programming languages.

There are a lot more easy fixes in python available for us so that we don't worry about every little and small thing and concentrate on what we actually and how we actually want to build our program.

When you use python, you think about the logic of what you want to build, the complexities are handled by python very easily.

Python is everywhere, No matter if you are a backend developer or DevOps, or App developer, you will always see python as an option to work on.

We will be covering every python implemented technology here, this will not be like other tutorials on the internet, but a platform to explore and know more about python language and how we can implement it to make our work a piece of cake.

Let's wind up this page with a small 'Hello world' program as all do to start their programming journey. hope to see you people in further readings

>>>print("Hello World")
Hello World
Hello World

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